From the field: Pot and property values

From the field: Pot and property values

EDITOR: Suppose you bought a house in Sonoma County. You worked hard to pay the mortgage. You worked hard to build up equity in your house. You worked hard to make your house a safe environment for your children. Then the Board of Supervisors voted to allow a large commercial cannabis operation to be built just over your fence.

Suddenly, your house is worth $100,000 less because no buyer, particularly a family with children, will want to live next door to a commercial cannabis operation.
That is a great deal of money to lose. It’s particularly galling because you aren’t losing it to fire or other natural disaster. You are losing it because the Board of Supervisors has given it to the pot growers on the other side of your fence.

The supervisors have committed a grievous breach of trust in choosing to enrich pot growers at the expense and against the wishes of the vast majority of their constituents. Calaveras County voted out their supervisors for similar offenses.

Attend the Board of Supervisors meeting on Tuesday.



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