From the field, Stench in Sebastopol RR Zone

From the field, Stench in Sebastopol RR Zone

To Sonoma County BOS

I have some serious concerns about the pending permit for 5651 Ver-Ni Rd.

My concerns are that the cannabis farm will:

  1. Put my family at risk of invasion.
  2. Destroy the value of our property.
  3. Deluge it with stench.
  4. Cause dust, noise and commercial traffic – deliveries, employees, pickups, & trash.

Are we gonna be pistol whipped or even killed because for their farm?

Be sure there will be lawsuits if anything happens to us because of the farm.

Another source of irritation is the pending cannabis permit at 5380 Sebastopol Rd. The property is also zoned rural residential. This farm had major stench for almost two months. Beginning of June to The end of July.

It was so bad when driving past that I would have to roll up my car windows, turn of any vents and outside air to keep the smell out of my car. A couple days the smell was so potent my eyes started to burn.

Thank you for your time and I pray this letter makes a difference in our neighborhood.

Sebastopol SOSN Affected Member

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