From the Field: Lost our family get togethers

From the Field: Lost our family get togethers

One member in Petaluma reports….

We have had a Christmas cookie bake at our house every year for the past 15 years.  6 families come together, the ovens are going all day and we open the doors and windows.  The smell of cookies is everywhere, and the kids run around inside and out playing and cookie decorating.  It’s always been a really special day.

Last year, the smell of pot from the new commercial grow next door filled our house.  One of the moms got nauseous, and we were concerned about all the kids breathing it so we had to close all the windows and doors.

The house got sweaty and everyone felt closed in.  The consensus: next year we won’t have the cookie bake at my house.  This is a tradition I shouldn’t have to give up for someone else’s business.  300 foot setbacks to a neighbors house is a joke.  It’s not enough.

Sonoma County residents voted to let their neighbors get stoned without going to jail.  We didn’t vote to make Sonoma County a prominent location for commercial pot grows.  If that’s what the Board of Supervisors wants to allow, then it should be put on a ballot and voted on before more permits are issued.

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