Why has Sonoma County chosen to be at the forefront of commercial pot production?

Why has Sonoma County chosen to be at the forefront of commercial pot production?

Other jurisdictions have tried it, or looked at it, and ran away

Is it the cash? – an opportunity to gain some cash for county coffers?
Is it a misguided idea that we are obligated to grow it here because it was legalized by Proposition 64?

Either answer is a bad answer and a terrible disservice to the residents of the County and its rural, agricultural legacy.

We voted on Prop 64 on whether to allow our neighbors to get stoned if they choose to, without fear of prosecution. We didn’t vote to become the pot growing capital of the North Bay. We also drive cars but building them here would not be a good choice for our county.

Some of the Sonoma County cities that have banned commercial cultivation:

City                           Commercial Cultivation

Healdsburg          Medical only – 3 outdoor plants, 6 indoor plants with medical card.

Windsor               No commercial cultivation

Sebastopol          Personal only up to 6 plants or 100 sf in any residential districts (can be outdoor)

Petaluma             Commercial allowed in specific business parks and industrial zones – manufacturing, testing and delivery only

Rohnert Park      Indoor cultivation limited to 100 sf

Santa Rosa          Commercial cannabis in industrial and commercial areas only

Sonoma               All commercial cannabis activities are prohibited, except for deliveries for medical

Cotati    All prohibited until Feb 2018, permit applicants will be scored based on 5 factors

Cloverdale           May not begin operations until permit has been approved and issued

Some of the nearby counties that have banned commercial cultivation:

Note: The ordinances can be revised. This is based on best available information on March 22, 2018 from the California State Association of Counties. http://www.counties.org/county-cannabis-ordinances]



Yes on
Prop 64
Commercial Grows
County Code or


66% Limited to 10 permits in county 6.106.00[1]
Contra Costa 61% no 88-28.006[2]
Marin 70% no Ordinance 3678[3]
Napa 61% no 6.106.040[4]
San Francisco 75% Indoor only Ordinance 230-17[5]
San Mateo 63% Greenhouse only Ordinance 4791[6]
Santa Clara 58% no Division B26.5[7]
Solano 58% no Ordinance 2017-1782[8]
Sonoma 59% yes Ordinance 6189[9]

USA, Federal Government – Prohibited

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