They’re Not Listening…

They’re Not Listening…

First when we screamed NO they admonished us for not showing up to the town hall they held with 100 people, in a county of 550,000 and 154,000 homeowners, they had 100 people in a town hall to decide that they are going to violate all of our property rights. Not one supervisor said whoa, this does not represent our county..

Next they only told people within 200 feet of a grow that they were about to have new neighbors; pot growers

They organized a community advisory group where there is only one homeowner representative, run by the director who is charged with establishing and promoting cannabis production operations in our rural County.

Then when we found out: we organized, we met Supervisors, planners, held town hall meetings with hundreds of residents,


Then they sent staff to go make changes to the proposed ordinance with all of our feedback.

Then the recommended changes come back and are shown to us on Thursday for a vote to accept on Tuesday

and in fact the ordinance comes back and in fact is worse than even the first draft

and in fact it is even more favorable to the Pot Lobby and less protecting of rural county residents and tax payers

and we have 4 working days days to figure all this out and then we get to speak our piece AS LONG AS WE CAN DO IT under 1 minute per person…..

No, they are not listening but we are not done and we will not let our pristine, rural character be degraded by swarms of dangerous, unsightly, environmentally destructive, water sucking drug manufactories owned by out of area drug speculator – corporations.

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